Army Essentials: Survival Straps

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

How many times have you been stuck cold and hungry in Melbourne, and thought to yourself “Gee, if I had a piece of cord I would make myself a lean-to shelter and snare myself a rabbit for supper?” Yep, me too; every day! Well now you can always be ready for such a situation by having a piece of paracord ready and waiting, in the shape of a survival bracelet.

These bracelets are a standard piece of equipment for deployed service personnel and campers alike; and are fast becoming a must have fashion accessory for Melbournians. They are simple to make; and make a great gift for yourself, your favourite returned serviceman, or friends of all ages.

What will we cover?

We will look at:

  • How to make a basic survival bracelet
  • How to make a basic key fob
  • Ideas for other paracord items
  • Tools to use
  • Best places to find supplies

Who will be teaching?

John Wonnacott is a frequent metro commuter; who taught himself to make survival bracelets, in order to the pass time in a relaxing productive manner.