The Art of Deep Listening: A Key Skill

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

The quality of our listening profoundly impacts the quality of the thinking of those we are listening to. If you’re interested in igniting new and courageous thinking, feeling and being in yourself and others, honing your capacity to listen deeply is an essential practice. In addition, in a world of telling, interruption and urgency revitalising our capacity to explore our own, independent thinking while we are truly listened to is deeply regenerative.

‘When people not used to speaking are heard by people not used to listening then real change can be made.’ – Nancy Kline

What will we cover?

We will be introduced to a few key principles of how deep listening can create a Thinking Environment®, based on the book “Time to Think”.

Join us for a taste of

  • Transforming 1:1 and group interactions in simple yet profound ways
  • Accessing your own courageous, innovative, freshest thinking
  • Tapping into the collective intelligence of peers
  • Transforming dialogue with individual and within groups through applying the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment

Who will be teaching it?

Candice has worked for over two decades to help bring out the innate humanity of individuals and organizations, ushering in new stories for the future of work, our communities and our planet. Driven by a need to shift the quality of human Candice Croppedinteraction at an individual, group and systemic level, Candice was trained by Nancy Kline, the founder of the Thinking Environment® methodology, and is a Time To Think Faculty member. She is founder of The Thinking Field, a human development consultancy specialising in creating thinking environments. Born in South Africa, Candice lives in Melbourne with her husband Peter and is sustained by time in nature, music, meditation, and a good dance. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.