Be a ‘Single Ladies’ Dancer

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever tried imitating Beyoncé and her girls in the Single Ladies music video? Perhaps knocking over books and lamps in the bedroom, or maybe a shampoo bottle or two in the shower? Fret not!

Get ready to learn all the sassy moves to Beyoncé’s Single Ladies. Learn when to do a hip-thrust, hand-flip, and when to throw a shade at the audience with this step-by-step dance class.

What will we cover?

This is a class catered for individuals taking their first step into dance. We will go through a selected part of the choreography and perfect it by the end of the class (if time permits).

The class will begin with a short warm-up session, just to sweat it out a little and limber up our bodies so that we are able to handle all the Beyoncé moves without tearing a muscle. It will focus on precision with moves and full-on attitude when performing to an audience. Learn to express yourself in movement!

Who will be teaching?

Liz is an IT professional by day, but has followed her love of dance since the age of 7 when it began with ballet. One style not being enough, Liz branched out into Ballroom, Hip Hop and Jazz (to name a few), in which she taught for 7 years before taking a break to travel the world – which of course, included trying many local dance styles along the way.

Now back and settled in Australia, the dance bug has bitten once again and Liz is eager to share her love of dance and having fun with others.