Crash Course in Wales and Welsh

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

“Welsh is the same as English, isn’t it?” Absolutely not! “But, Wales is in England, right?” False. Wales is a country within a country, and has its own flag, language, customs and peculiarities!

An image search online will show you pictures of beautiful mountains, sheep and dragons. And to some extent this is true. But there is far more to Wales, not least of which is its unique language. Learn the basics of this language, which has existed since the 7th Century! And at the same time, we’ll learn what’s behind the glossy photos and obsession with dragons.

What will we cover?

In this introductory workshop we are going to learn the basics of the Welsh language. You’ll be able to greet your Welsh friends or relatives in their native language, and understand street signs and locals if you ever visit. Plus we will discover more about Wales and hear some insider secrets.

To learn Welsh we’ll first get our tongues around the pronunciation of the extra letters in the alphabet. Then we’ll learn greetings, introductions and useful phrases and vocabulary.

Plus get your head around that confusing country in a country thing and hear about the rich history of Wales and Welsh. Whether your ancestors were Welsh or you’re just a bit intrigued about Wales, we’ve got you covered.

Who will be teaching?

Ceri is a native Welsh speaker, now living in Melbourne. She loves Wales and everything Welsh, and can’t wait to share her language and home country with you in this beginner’s Welsh class.