Bollywood Essentials: Let’s Dance!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What is it about?

The name “Bollywood” is derived from Bombay (the former name for Mumbai) and Hollywood, the centre of the American film industry. Bollywood is one of the largest film producers in India, making films in the national language of India, Hindi. It is one of over 25 different cinemas in India.

Bollywood dancing refers to the dancing in Bollywood films. The dance used to be primarily modelled on Indian classical dance but has evolved to blend in some Western dance styles (jazz, tap, hip hop etc.).

What will we cover?

Learn the basic techniques to get you started in Bollywood dancing. We will be covering:

  • How Bollywood is different from Indian classical dancing
  • The hip, shoulder and neck movements
  • Basic steps that you can use in most Hindi songs

This class will be nothing short of fun. It’ll definitely give you a workout (should you choose to accept the challenge) and prepare you for any Indian party.

Who will be teaching it?

Deepti has danced since she was three. She loves the athleticism of Bollywood but appreciates the discipline of classical dancing. Her passion for dancing can be seen in the fact that she is currently involved with three Indian dance forms – Bollywood, Kathak (classical Indian dance) and Bhangra. She has been involved in numerous stage shows and is part of a Bollywood group called Tatva – the essence. She also runs dance workshops at events and in schools.