Brain Break: Window Sketching with Marloes ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

We’ve all heard of urban sketching, a lovely art form creating quick rough sketches while on location, walking around the city or parks. It’s more about the essence of the moment and the fun process than a polished end result.  Normally these sketches fill notebooks along with comments and thoughts about the places visited and can become a beautiful memory log of our trips.  But what to do when you can’t go outside? Let’s all try window sketching!

In this class, Marloes will show us how to get started sketching, even for those who have never picked up a pen. Then we’ll get lots of tips and tricks to make your sketches come to life and ideas to keep the practice going.  Sketching is also very useful to transfer thoughts and emotions into paper and explain concepts visually.

What will we cover?

  • Introduction to sketch art and basics of drawing
  • Tips and tricks for quick sketching
  • Inspiration ideas for daily sketching from your window
  • We’ll all get started on a few sketches to get us going.

What will you need?

  • Notebook or just paper if you prefer
  • Pens or pencils

Who will be teaching?

Marloes Bakker-Marsden is a self taught artist who has been exploring the world of art since childhood, her current art practice is mostly focused on drawing and painting wildlife (and rocks). She teaches a across a variety of mediums at community centres, retirement communities and other locations, including in her own studio space, sharing her skills and passions with others in a light hearted and fun way that makes the experience totally enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved. Find her on Instagram or her website.