Cabaret Burlesque with Madame M

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Madame M’s Cabaret Burlesque is an edgy Burlesque style which is a fusion of Neo Burlesque and Vintage Burlesque, where you will get to explore your naughty, flirty, exhibitionist and outrageous ALTER EGO!

What will we cover?

You will be shown all the original classic Burlesque moves, including: bump n grind, shimmies, peels, teases and reveals and the Neo Burlesque versions also.

You will get to play with a multitude of different character’s persona’s, where you will delve into the masculine and feminine aspects of the self and explore a range of archetypes, including the Goddess, the Virgin, the Temptress and the Strumpet!

You will get to play with a variety of props including: masks, boas, gloves, garters and feathers and you will learn a short dance routine, which draws out your unique SIGNATURE STYLE!

Who will be teaching?

Maree specialises in teaching sensual burlesque dance styles in Melbourne as well as being a professional coach in performance. Over the last 7 years she has taught hundreds of women about sensuality, confidence, and empowerment. For many years she has researched and studied sacred sexuality, and is highly adept at teaching women of all ages how to tap into their feminine energy. If you would like more info about Madame M’s Burlesque you can visit her facebook page or her website: