Chai Brewing: A Delicious Journey of Spices

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

This workshop is all about chai!

We’ll learn the basics of the different spices and where they come from. Plus we’ll discuss a little bit about some of their benefits, and how the British tea and scones collided with Indian chai and samosas!

More importantly, we’ll discover how to brew delicious chai the authentic way. And of course, we’ll taste a few brews as well.

What will we cover?

In just over an hour we will learn about:

  • How chai came to be.
  • The health benefits of various spices and its different uses.
  • How to make authentic and real chai (the boiling method).
  • Get taster of yet another delicious drink – masala latte!

There will be soy milk options available for the tasters.

Who will be teaching?

Manasi is an die-hard foodie and a passionate chai and masala latte drinker. She is on a mission to create mass awareness on how to make real chai, real quick, without any artificial powders or syrups. to enjoy its health benefits from your own kitchen. She has recently launched a small business called The Brew Story to this effect and introduced a very unique product called ‘Masala Brew’.