Chocolate Tasting!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Strictly for chocolate lovers only. In this class we will taste the most romanticised food item and educate you on what influences its flavours. We will demystify the process of turning cacao into chocolate, looking at the myths and facts behind it. But above all you will leave with the sweet taste on your palates, chocolate couverture in your pockets and sweet memories.

This is a class for chocolate lovers who want to have a deeper understanding and better appreciation of the product. With chocolate becoming more and more popular impress your friends with your knowledge of chocolate. Not only will you be able to understand more about this amazing food item but you will also leave having tried many different chocolates from different regions.

What will we cover?

We will cover the process of how cacao is made into chocolate from the plantations to harvest and its processing and discuss and taste the different by-products within this process.

We will discuss how to taste and appreciate the flavours of couverture by trying a number of different couvertures from different regions.

Chocolate has many health myths and we will help you understand what is fact and what is fiction surrounding these. Any questions you may have regarding chocolate will be answered!

Who will be teaching?

Tina and ChristosXocolatl Artisan Chocolates and Café is a small family business that aims to produce couverture bonbons of the highest of quality. Christos and Tina are a father-daughter team who love to share their passion for chocolate. With many chocolate courses, being done and also taught by the duo they are a wealth of information that they are willing to share with their fellow chocoholics.