Creating Wonderful Workshops with delsi (Online)

This class has passed
This class has passed

Have you got a skill or a passion you would like to share with the world?

Have you ever wanted to run a workshop and wasn’t quite sure where to start?

Maybe you would like to run a workshop here at Laneway Learning and are keen to learn a few tips and techniques before you get started!

Former secondary and adult education teacher turned LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Specialist, delsi, will take you through strategies to help you create your own wonderful workshops!

What we will cover?

In this workshop you will learn:

– How to structure a workshops and develop a lesson plan

– Starter techniques to grab your learners attention 

– How to utilise the 5E Learning Model

– How to increase participation and create a safe space for sharing

– Strategies to improve accessibility and inclusion

What will I need?

– Notepad & pen

– Good vibes


– Closed Captions

– Discounted Early Bird Tickets

– Free Tickets for First Nation Attendees

Who will be teaching? 

delsi (she/her) is a proud queer femme lady who loves nothing more than creating safer and more inclusive spaces.

delsi is an ex-highschool and adult education teacher turned LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Trainer, Director of the LGBTQIA+ party org Unicorns, Marriage Celebrant, Queer Activist and Manager here at Laneway Learning!

She loves the colour pink, eco-gitter, documentaries, reality TV dating shows, latex outfits and disco! 

Questions about the class? Please email delsi at

Photo by Alexis-D Photography