Croquetas: The Queen of the Tapas

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

If the history of the Spanish omelet is not clear, the croqueta’s is even more confusing.  It is supposed to be a recipe from several origins coming from Europe, America and spreading across Middle East and Asia. Every country has its own version of the croqueta, in this class we will learn how to do the Spanish recipe. After this class, you will be able to find out the difference between each recipe, and finally choose your favorite version of the queen of tapas.

What will we cover?

In this class we will do an approach to Spanish version of croqueta:

  • A little bit of history of where this recipe comes from.
  • We will make a Bechamel, the base of this recipe.
  • We will crumb them and eat them!

Who will be teaching?

IMG_5840Each person has its own variant of the recipe, but in this case, it will be Cristina who will show you how to make croquetas, based on a recipe she learnt from her neighbour, an amazing woman who used to live in front of her apartment during her Uni Studies in Madrid. Cristina has carried this recipe around to wherever she has travelled because she considers it is the best version of a Spanish tapa. An Interior designer with a passion for the most traditional Spanish food.