Deep Work: The Secret Weapon against Distraction

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Let’s face it, we are constantly distracted. Work, Email, Phone, Facebook, Work, Spotify and that’s just in one minute. Did you know that it takes twenty minutes of distraction-free concentration to reach your full cognitive capacity? Most of us don’t go more than a couple of minutes before we become distracted. Our wonderful brains are being restarted before they even fully load.
Luckily there is a secret weapon, Deep Work: The capacity to concentrate on one task, distraction free, for extended periods of time. It is arguably the most rare and valuable skill in today’s world – because everyone else is too distracted. Deep Work means the ability to access your brain’s full capacity, whether that is creativity, efficiency or precision. Add to that the stress reduction experienced when distraction is reduced. And the pride we experience when we produce our best work. Deep Work is a weapon of mass destruction… of distraction!

What will we cover?

– The science behind focus vs. distraction and why your brain will love Deep Work
– 7 Strategies for creating a practice of Deep Work in any area of your life
– Techniques that will help train your brain to be better at focus (and worse at being distracted!)

Who will be teaching?

Andrew profile pictureAndrew Braddy is a lover of learning, science, philosophy and fun. Andrew has been a High School Teacher of Maths/Science for 5 years. He is an Outdoor Educator and facilitator of transformational experiences in the outdoors. Andrew is an avid practitioner and teacher of mindfulness, passionate about bringing greater attention and depth to all that we do.