Dim Sum: Enjoying These Cantonese Favourites

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever wonder what the difference is between Dim Sum and Yum Cha? Love dumplings but wonder whether Dim Sum is the same thing or something more? Always wanted to know what are in the steaming baskets but not knowing what to order? Yum Cha is more than just about food consumption. This unique culinary art originated with the Cantonese in Southern China. Over centuries, it can now be found in Chinese restaurants around the world. This time-honoured tradition has become a regular occasion to spend time with family and friends.

What will we cover?

The evening will start with a quick explanation of what Yum Cha is. Relevant etiquette, common dishes on the menu and selection of tea will be explained. There will be opportunity to practise the names, sample a dish or two and enjoy cups of tea. By the end you will be ready to gather your family and friends for your own dim sum outing!

Who will be teaching?

Sharon and Olivia are friends who have spent many occasions having Yum Cha with their respective families and friends. It is a cultural activity that has been in Melbourne for a long time, and should be shared and enjoyed by many more people.

Olivia loves all things food related, and tries to balance this by slowly improving her tennis. Sharon loves all things sustainable; building community and spreading cultural knowledge fall into that category.