Discovering Oolong Tea: Tasting, Baking & Food Pairing

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Discover the tea family of Oolongs through a sensory experience of sight, smell and taste. Oolongs offer the largest and most varied flavours within the family of tea. The breadth and depth of Oolongs creates wonderful opportunities for food pairing and are an extremely popular tea choice to aid digestion.

We will look at the five stages of oxidation that naturally creates the various flavours and aromas of the Oolong family. I look forward to you joining me in sharing the passion and talents of the tea farmers of Taiwan and China.

What will we cover?

  • Brief overview of Oolongs and their history.
  • The five stages of oxidation that distinguishes the Oolong family.
  • Discover which two Taiwan Oolongs are amongst the few teas in the world to be created through natural intervention.
  • Brew each of the five stages of Oolongs, including cold brewing.
  • Oolongs and food pairing.
  • Tea baking.

Who will be teaching?

Picking tea in Taiwan low resTania is the founder of Cuppa Cha, located in Camberwell and specialises in single estate teas from Asia. She travels regularly to Taiwan to study with tea farmers, scientists and professionals. Understanding tea is a continual learning experience and she is happy to share her experience with everyone. As Victorian Convenor for the Australasian Speciality Tea Association (AASTA), she works with cafes owners to create a great tea experience for the tea drinker.