Dystopian Novels: Prose or Prophecy?

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Can dystopian novels ever be more than fiction? Could they act as windows into our future? Dystopian novels have been a recognised genre for more than 80 years but are they merely interesting tales or are they something more?

What will we cover?

This workshop will explore the history and shifting trends of the dystopian novel and why the genre continues to attract readers. Its focus will be on dystopian novels that have proved prescient in their predictions as well as those that could still ‘come true’. The workshop will finish with a short, guided discussion of a dystopian short story by Ray Bradbury and an open discussion of the group’s favourite dystopian novels.

Who will be teaching?

NicolaNicola Weideling is a dedicated reader of a range of genres including dystopian novels. She has worked in the publishing industry for more than 11 years, has run and attended multiple book clubs in the UK, the US and Australia and is a self-confessed book nerd.

As far as Nicola is concerned, you can never own too many books. Which is probably why she has shipped her book collection (currently numbering 850+) around the world twice when relocating internationally.