Filmmaking on Your Mobile

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

This is an inspiring and fun class to bring your story to life using your smartphone! You will learn simple filmmaking techniques – enough to make your own film with your smartphone, or tablet computer.

You can record new visuals, or make a video clip using your existing photos and videos already in your phone. We’ll learn how to shoot and edit creatively.

What will we cover?

This interactive workshop will focus on simple storytelling through stills and moving images, filming with your mobile phone.

We will cover all the basics, including:

  • Getting best possible lighting with your smartphone
  • Adding music and voice overs
  • Making your video clip more exciting with different editing effects

All of this can be one on any smartphone or tablet – Apple or Android. All you need is to download one of these free apps: iMove for iPhones, or Movie Maker Filmmaker or Free Video Editor for Androids. Download an app before the class and you will be able to shoot and edit films on your mobile phone straight away!

Who will be teaching?

Mojan studied film and media in the US and New Zealand. She completed her Masters with first-class honours in Screen Production at the University of Auckland. She has written, co-produced and directed short films and documentaries. In the past few years, Mojan has been involved in projects concerning the environment and community. Her aim is to inspire, educate and create a positive impact through filmmaking.