A Taste of Melbourne’s Little Italy

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Either subtly or in your face (depending on the suburb you find yourself in), the allure of Italian food can be experienced all over Melbourne. Whether you’re a Lygon St habitué’ or a novice in the art of discerning the delicacies of regional Italian dishes, this class will teach you just enough Italian to help you navigate the tasty universe of the ‘Bel Paese’ cuisine in style!

What will we cover?

We will start with a brief intro into the world of Italian food in Melbourne, mainly a bit of history on some key suburbs. Then we will be diving straight into the learning and practicing useful words and phrases that will help you sound like an italiano in the following situations:

  • Asking the lovely Italian lady at the deli counter if you can try some of that prosciutto and how much it is per kilo.
  • Ordering your favorite pizza from the menu and exchange a few sentences with your local Italian waiter (or waitress)
  • Understand some of the nuances of the different gelato flavours on display in Little Italy and ask for a caffe’ ristretto in perfect Italian!

We will also have a taste of Little Italy in the form of some deli samples that will be shared around during the class!

Who will be teaching?

Marco is a peripatetic Neapolitan who has lived and worked overseas for 15 years. After 5 years in Sydney and a 7-month trip around the world, he has decided to call Melbourne home for the next few years and – fresh off the boat – he is keen to share his enthusiasm for the language and the food of his motherland with whoever’s prepared to listen!