Green Cleaning – Simple. Safe. Sustainable

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Three 100% natural ingredients can replace every cleaning product and detergent in your home. Yup, even the ones you use on yourself. Book the workshop now and learn how.

Making and using your own natural cleaning products is super cheap and much more environmentally friendly than using commercial products – just about everybody knows that. What you probably don’t realise is that green cleaning is effective, requires minimal effort, smells amazing, is good for you (and your family and pets) and it’s fun.

Seriously, it is fun. You’ll probably have to hide the duster just so you’ll stop. Previous attendees have complained of mild addictions to cleaning. FACT! (Written evidence available upon request)

What will we cover?

  • Safety first
  • The 3 magical 100% natural ingredients
  • Recipes and formulas
  • Applications including clothes washing, benches, baths, tiles, floors, people, pets, cars, offices
  • Demonstrations
  • BONUS: GG’s 5 minute express clean  (for when your mother-in-law pops around uninvited or that date works out better than planned)

Cheap, clean, environmentally friendly fun.  ROLL UP!

Who will be teaching it?

ShanBy day Shan is a registered myotherapist, ironing out the soft tissue issues of those in “knead”. By night Shan becomes The Green Genie (GG), a passionate presenter of sustainable and healthy living topics with sassy style and thrifty tips for living lightly. Let GG show you simple ways to buy, use and waste less, with boss-level results, at the same time saving time, money and the planet!