Healthy Hook-Ups: Dating for Everybody with Georgie ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Hooking up: does it ever work? Sometimes we feel we’re missing out – it seems everyone else is having better sex. How do we put ourselves ‘out there’ and find partners, without harming ourselves or others?

This class will give you an overview on how to cultivate a healthy, more adventurous sex life using connection and consent to hook up with the people who are right for you.  We can use our skills to create safety, make friends, and ensure that everyone has a positive experience.  Whether you find your partners online or offline and no matter your age, gender or level of experience – good sex is not just for the young, confident, and conventionally attractive!

What will we cover?

This workshop will guide you through the four essential skills for having great hook-ups:

  • Permission – are hook-ups for you? We’ll un-pick our sex-negativity and self-doubt
  • Safety – learning how to keep yourself safe and respecting the safety of others
  • Connection – we’ll explore techniques for making friends and finding lovers.
  • Consent – how to negotiate a hook-up using top-notch consent skills.

Who will be teaching?

Georgie Wolf is an escort, writer and sex educator from Melbourne, Australia. Passionate about sex-positivity and sex-worker rights, Georgie loves chatting to friends and community about their online dating adventures!  The project The Art of the Hook-Up explores the skills and self-knowledge required for better sexual experiences. . You can learn more at The Art of The Hook-Up.