Make a Moss Terrarium!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Do you want some greenery in your home or office? Even if you’re not too keen on, or skilled at, tending to a high-maintenance plant?

A moss terrarium is a hassle-free bit of greenery you practically have to try to kill. Come along and find out what makes up a moss terrarium, and make one of your own!

What will we cover?

We’re going to have fun making moss terrariums. What is a terrarium? It’s an awesome little plant ecosystem, perfect for greening up your home or office.

We will learn how to make a terrarium, and discover the various types of moss that we can harvest to create a bottle moss terrarium. We will teach you how to care for it – and you’ll learn just how hard it is to kill one!

Best of all, we’ll get our hands a little dirty in making one of our own! All materials will be supplied.

If you would like to include a small figurine or other special detail in your terrarium, please bring it along to the class.

Who will be teaching?

Graham Ho in the florist, smilingGraham is the owner of Tweed Twigs, a little florist with big dreams and even bigger florals. With experience in making your plant and floral needs shine, he occasionally finds himself outside of the architecture office hunting for new plants to acquire.