Be an Action Hero: Make Your Own (Fake) Fight Scene

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you ever watched action films and wondered if the performers get hurt? Or if they wear pads? Or if they are just reckless and crazy people with a death wish?

In this class we will be lifting the curtain, giving you an insight into the ideas and challenges of working in films with stunts. We will go through the process from ideas, scripting and planning through to how it looks on the big screen.

What will we cover?

We will be finding out exactly what a stunt is, how fight scenes and car chases are created and how you can learn to think on your feet like a stuntman. Then we will all star as action heroes! Yes! We’ll get to create our own fight scene (no broken bones) to video and show to our friends.

Please don’t leave your phones at home as you’ll need to film what you create. (If you don’t have a phone or a digital camera, you’ll be able to share one with someone else at the class.)

Who will be teaching?

Ex-stunt performer, Brett Solomano, has spent nearly ten years working with danger, fear and adrenaline, teaching and learning from sportsmen and athletes, the very best tools and techniques for learning fast, overcoming your fears and remaining cool under pressure. Brett now teaches what he knows about being on the edge to companies looking to learn and grow faster, people wanting more from life and to youth in order to help them become more self-aware.