Make your own Organic Hair Products with Lily

This class has passed
This class has passed

Are you looking for healthier, vegan, more natural, or simply eco-friendly haircare products? 

You can avoid harsh polluting chemicals, and live more sustainably by learning to make them yourself!

This hands-on class will teach you how to make 2 natural shampoos at home: a liquid shampoo with gorgeous essential oils, and a plant-based, 100% organic, shampoo!

What will we cover?

You’ll learn:

  • The benefits of making haircare products at home
  • The different types of shampoos that can be made with natural ingredients.
  • About the best essential oils for haircare
  • How to use them to make a gorgeous liquid shampoo and a plant-based shampoo 

You’ll then make your own hair products that you will get to take home with you at the end of the class!

Who will be teaching?

Lily profile picture.

Lily is a natural and DIY beauty coach and runs Mademoiselle Organic in Melbourne.

In her workshops, online courses and blog, she teaches people how to use organic ingredients instead of harsh and polluting chemicals.

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