Making Confident Decisions with Anita ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Decision-istas don’t have special powers, they’ve just learned the secret formulas to be able to make decisions easily and effortless every single time – no matter the situation or decision.  So if the pressure of a decision-making is keeping you up at night, this class is for you.

What will we cover?

Making decisions is only a problem if you don’t know the right questions to ask… so together you’ll learn:

  • the two step decision making process (yes, you really can make good decisions in only two steps)
  •  how to get what you want to have (once you’ve decided what that actually is)
  • how to keep motivated once you’ve made your decision about what you want to have (so that no matter what happens to get in your way, you’ll make it happen)

And we’ll keep it simple, cos life is already hard enough… and because cornflakes (the simple things in life are often the best)

Anita van RooyenWho will be teaching?

Anita van Rooyen is a Confidence Hacker. That means she delivers clever solutions to the tricky problem of low self confidence, (which often shows up as decision phobia, shyness, the not good enoughs, ranting self talk, procrastination, self judgement etc) to help anyone create their life extraordinary.

Formerly the ‘shyest person in the universe’ she knew there had to be ways of better ways of becoming a more confident human. So over 10 plus years, she learned the fast (two steps forward), the slow (one step forward) and the downright useless (three steps backward) tools and thinking, so that instead of continuing to do the cha cha of personal development, she could achieve accelerated confidence.

It’s meant that she’s now been able to travel solo to weird places (like couch surfing in Syria, Jordan & Egypt), meet incredible people in Iran, decide to start up her own confidence hacking business and now as the Confidence Hacker she’s helped hundreds of other people to do the same… to live a life extraordinary. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram