Making Soy Candles

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

The greatest innovation in the candle industry today is the replacement of the “paraffin” based candle with a natural wax alternative. The soy candle you will make in this workshop will burn cleanly and produce no soot or smoke. It will burn cooler and for longer allowing the delicious fragrances to fill your home.

This natural, environmentally friendly wax is biodegradable which means your containers can be washed and reused. An added bonus in this throw-away society.

What will we cover?

In this workshop you will discover why soy wax is used, why this no-fuss method of candle making is so popular and how your candle can fill your home with delicious fragrances even when it isn’t lit.

You will learn about wick selection, safety, fragrance load and the importance of temperatures. At the end of the class, we can have a Q&A to answer all your candle related questions.

Who will be teaching?

author photoFrosa owns and operates Events Vic P/L which incorporates Early Settler Aromatherapy and

She has been teaching soap making for over 15 years, candle making for 9 and a Rubs and Scrubs class for 5-6 years. She has had over 1300 people through the candle and soap making classes and is passionate about natural products. Visit the websiteFacebook or Instagram.