Into the Mirror: A Reflection on Body Image

This class has passed
This class has passed

What is it all about?

Do you look in the mirror and like what you see?

We live in a world where we can compliment others but not ourselves. We resolve to lose weight to feel better, and our happiness and love is conditional on our appearance.

If you have ever avoided going swimming or visiting public change rooms. If you have ever felt uncomfortable when buying clothes or trying to get likes on “selfie” media. This is the workshop for you.

What will we cover?

How we feel about ourselves often comes down to how we feel about the way that we look. It even affects what we believe we are capable to achieve or worthy of receiving.

We are going to get an overview of self-image and what can affect the way we feel about ourselves. Then, we’ll learn how to bring ourselves up on days where we are feeling down. Combined, these ideas can help us start to be in control of our own body image.

  • What is body image?
  • What can influence and affect how you feel about yourself and your appearance?
  • Connect with people and share different experiences.
  • Learn tools and create techniques to make yourself feel better if you are having a bad body image day.
  • Learn some new resources to incorporate positive body image in your everyday life.

Who will be teaching?

Bethany Knight profile pictureOver the past decade, Bethany Knight has lead and inspired thousands of youth between Australia and the US to be their best self. She overcame her own challenges of low self-esteem in school and decided to help others do the same. With a background in psychology, counselling and life coaching she been a leading facilitator and content creator for organisations such as The Reach Foundation and The Butterfly Foundation. Bethany instills a deep sense of self love and inspiration in people.