Myanmar: Culture, History and Places

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Myanmar is a unique, sometimes troubled country with a rich and very interesting history. Colonised by Britain and ruled as part of India from 1826 – 1947, the country is ethnically hugely diverse, a result of topography and location – sandwiched between India and China. Also sharing borders with Thailand, Laos and Bangladesh it offers fascinating options for travel.
Politics there is inextricably linked with ethnicity and religion and complicated by its colonial past. Consequently certain parts of the country are off limits to tourist travellers but the rest of the country provides plenty of opportunities for enriching travel experiences.

What we will cover?

The aim of this class is to cover the basics of where and when to go, what can be discussed in open and what might be avoided. We will be talking about the variety of fascinating experiences you can have while travelling in Myanmar. We will explore stories from in-country experiences intermixed with an in-depth reading of politics, life, history and culture in Burma/Myanmar.

Illustrated with photos and short video clips, the intention is to provide an understanding of the uniqueness of Myanmar, current difficulties and its potential as it emerges from more than a century of arrested development and decades of overt military rule.

Is it still ethical to travel there?   This is a debate worth having and I would argue that it depends on how you travel and how you engage.  So, what to say and how to say it … and what to avoid too.

Who will be teaching?

AdrianAdrian is an ex EAL teacher and education manager with more than 9 years’ experience of working in SE Asia and 25 years of working with culturally diverse migrant and international students in Australia. He has made over 20 visits to Myanmar starting back in 1982 but mostly since 2012, and loves sharing his insights into travelling in Myanmar.