Set Your Mind! Achieve Your Sporting Goals

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

From beginners and casual sports people to high performance athletes; you can approach sports from a mindful perspective to make the difference between failure or success. Training your mind for sports activities will help you to achieve your sports goals. Your goal could be to create healthier habits, to work out twice a week with an aim to lose weight, or to achieve a personal best in an Ironman.

This workshop will teach you the mental skills required to make your sport wishes true.

What we will cover?

Learn mental techniques, tools and tricks to achieve sport goals. Mindfulness; meditation; visualization; self confidence; and self life coaching to apply in your sport life and to also use in your daily life.

If you know that you can perform better; if you have anxiety problems when you race; or, you’re just struggling to get into a good work out routine; learn how to overtake these mental factors. After learning and applying these tools in this workshop you will have a better attitude and more motivation to achieve your goals.

Who will be teaching?

Hilario Real has a Bachelor in Clinical Psychology and many certifications in the life coaching field, such as executive coaching, team coaching and sport coaching. He is also an accredited athletics, swimming, cycling and triathlon coach. He is working as a triathlon coach at Tri-alliance.

Hilario has written his own blog since 2011 and writes a monthly column in the Spanish sport magazine Sport Training and also collaborates with other media corporations. He has been an elite triathlete since 2007, a marathon runner and open water swimmer.