Pickling: More to Jars than Jam!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever wanted to capture the taste of the season for all year round enjoyment?

Home preserving is great fun, but most of us can only eat so much jam. How about preserving for modern tastes: vanilla-poached summer fruits for breakfast, your own pickled ginger for sushi, or onion relish for summer snags? Learn how preserving works, taste some homemade preserves, then make your own jar of pickles to take home.

What will we cover?

In this class we’ll talk about three easy and safe ways of preserving in jars: hot pack, cold pack, and fridge/freezer. You’ll taste different sweet and savoury preserves made from the best of last summer’s produce, and then take over the kitchen. You’ll go home with your own jar of pickles, a bunch of tested modern canning recipes, and enough know-how to DIY all summer long. Here comes the sun… and with it strawberries, and apricots, and mangoes… be ready!

Who will be teaching?

anne_headshotSocial media specialist by trade, culinary researcher by obsession, Anne Shea has been canning every year since she was old enough to watch a jelly bag drip. From pickles to chutneys to cherry pie filling, her kitchen is bursting at the seams with jars that taste as good as they look. Look her up (@Annie_Shea) and talk food any time.