Queer Social Moorabbin: Acrylic Pour Art with Robert

This class has passed
This class has passed

Who hasn’t seen a video of paint pouring? It’s soothing, it’s colourful and it’s definitely fun! 

Join us and learn how to make your own pour art which is a little more involved than you may have thought but the results are pretty spectacular, galactic, swirly and eye-catching.

Then, we’ll get started designing our own and we’ll all go home with a painting.

This event will be half social chats with a bunch of like
minded queer people and half fun, educational and interactive workshop.

All workshops are taught by queers, for queers.

What will we cover?

Join us and learn about:

  • What materials are needed
  • How to mix them to create different effects
  • Pouring techniques
  • Finishing touches

All materials provided – just come and have a wonderful time!
Bring a container to transport your artwork home in – a pizza-sized box is perfect!

Who will be Teaching?

Robert (he/they) is a queer engineer. They clearly don’t express
enough creativity in their day job so by night goes by their alter ego

Robert believes that art is for everyone and focuses value on the
process more than the outcome. They love sewing because its tactile
nature is really good for mental health and de-stressing.

Important info:

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