Recycled Furniture: Woodworking with Pallets

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Wooden pallets: they’re such a part of our suburban landscape and all too often seen abandoned, in disrepair and one step away from landfill at the back of the supermarket. Perhaps you’ve seen them and thought about making them into something.

This class will show you that all it takes is an idea and a bit of basic carpentry know-how for wooden pallets to be upcycled for things around the home.

What will we cover?

We’ll cover the very basics of wooden pallet upcycling including the tools you’ll need, what type of wooden pallets to look out for and how to find them, how to handle them and then we’ll have a go at making a planter box. We’ll also talk tips and share design ideas to see just how much you can make with a wooden pallet.

Who will be teaching?

KirkKirk works in an office by day and is a maker by night. When he was a kid on the farm, he was inspired by his Pop’s workshop and making billycarts and bases out of branches. Nowadays he picks up abandoned pallets and scrap wood and gives them new life as things for the home. Follow his creations on Instagram @kirkslywa or check out his blog.