All About Iced Tea with Michelle

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Want to turn your favourite tea into an iced tea so you can drink it year round? Want to impress the pants of everyone at your next garden party barbeque? If you want to skip the sugary soft drinks in the warmer months and be delighted instead of dehydrated then this is where it’ll all happen.

What will we cover?

In the class, you will learn (and taste)

  • That any tea can be an iced tea
  • Brewing (not stewing) tips
  • How to garnish to lift your game
  • Sneaky tips to avoid disaster

Michelle McGoffWho will be teaching?

Michelle has been working in the tea world for over a decade. When she’s not professionally slurping tea on instagram (she is a tea sommelier), she’s gliding around on her bike or listening to podcasts.