Rejuvenating Your New Year’s Resolutions!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

2014’s New Year’s resolutions resigned to the dust bin of history already? “Oh well” – “it’s only 8 months to 2015!” – It’s not over till the fat lady sings…

It’s not too late, you can resurrect your dreams for 2014 and tick those goals of your list. Learn the skills and build the confidence that comes with accomplishment and finish the year with bang! Never again be left without the keys to make your resolutions come true.

What will we cover?

Fun, street smart, real life tips and strategies to get those resolutions off the list.

We will cover the things that get in the way from making a resolution come true, how to overcome the things that stop us, and how to build confidence. Simple, easy to follow steps so you are never left with the feeling – “Oh it’s March…$%^*… I’ll wait till next year.”

Who will be teaching?

Owen Thomas has been smashing New Year’s resolutions for the last 20 years!

Owen’s own resolutions have seen him, take up yoga, produce 5 music albums, get a better car without having any money, go to film school, conceptualise and produce some of Australia’s largest corporate events. Although he is failing to grow more hair on his head.