School of Rock: A Beginner’s Music Jam

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Making music is fun, but making music with other people is even more fun (you might say funnerer).

Sometimes it seems too hard to find the right time, place or people to play with: you might feel like you’re “not good enough” to come out of the bedroom yet, or that you need to know a lot more than you do to be able to connect with others musically. Or you might be worried that if you went and joined in with a jam you would ruin it for everyone else. The Musician’s Accomplice leads beginner music jams for all adult musicians and musician wannabes who would like to develop their jamming (making improvised music with other people) skills.

This class is perfect for adult beginners, the musically uncertain and the musically isolated.

What will we cover?

The Musician’s Accomplice will cover the basics of how to start and participate in a jam: creating the space, welcoming others, joining in with an existing jam, leading a jam, holding a solid musical or rhythm base for others to experiment on, the unwritten rules of soloing and inter-musician communication. And then we will play some music!

Who will be teaching?

Melissa Main is the Musician’s Accomplice: she is an award winning songwriter, performer and professional pathways coach. She teaches regular classes in Preston: “Music for the Musically Uncertain”, “Singing for the Terrified” and “Songwriting for the uninitiated”, monthly jam sessions, day-long performing workshops to “Amp up your Show Pony” (June 1 at The Acoustic Cafe in Collingwood) and does the occasional corporate workshop to aid with creativity, happiness and beyond in the workplace.