Smart Space

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

How smart is your space?

This class is for those who are interested in creating better spaces for living and working. Bigger is not always better. They often have higher energy costs, less outdoor space, and at end of the day it’s just not very sustainable.

Spaces can be smarter – with a proper look at what you really need, what could be ‘recycled’, and being creative with layouts, you can make your space work harder without over-compensating with size. Explore the possibilities and walk away with your own models and sketches.

What we will cover?

This is a hands-on class with lots of drawing, glue and cardboard involved. You will learn about efficient spatial arrangements and look at some examples of things that work well.

You will then explore ways you can make your own space more efficient through a series of drawing, mind-mapping, and model-making. No prior drawing skills necessary, just an enthusiasm for design and better living.

Who will be teaching?


Yvonne Meng is an architect, educator, and founder of a small design practice, Von Atelier. She loves architecture which promotes community and social well-being and her priority is to create engaging places to be in. Design can be a fun and inclusive process. Yvonne’s approach is collaborative and believes that great spaces are centred around those who use it.

Yvonne enjoys a good coffee, dark chocolate, and scuba diving.