Spanish Tapas: Tortilla, Gazpacho & Sangria!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Tapas are appetisers, traditionally served with a glass of wine or beer all around Spain. In fact, “tapa” means “cover” in Spanish, because the slices of bread were used to cover the drink so no flies would fall into it…

From some spicy potatoes, cheese or jamon to more elaborate mini-dishes, tapas have evolved from a simple snack before lunchtime to a fully-fledged cuisine of its own, including its own verb “ir de tapeo” which means to skip the main meal and enjoy bar-hopping and tapa-hoping around town.

What will we cover?

In the class we will give you a lively introduction to the Spanish Tapas world: etiquette, traditions, and classic tapas. We’ll give recipes and demonstrations of how to make several cold, easy tapas such as gazpacho shots, piquillo toasts, banderillas or pan tumaca. We will also give you plenty of other recipes to try at home such as, Spanish tortilla, meatballs, and huevos estrellados.

Can you have tapas without a glass of sangria? Of course not! We will also be having a taster and discuss recipes and tips for making the best sangria in Melbourne town.

Who will be teaching?

MariaMaria Yebra is a Spanish expat who has been living in Melbourne for the past 7 years. She loves cooking and baking (she has a cupcake making blog but above all else she enjoys eating the food she creates! She has tried most Spanish tapas bars around Melbourne but still craves for a simple “pincho de tortilla” Spanish-style.

In Spain, Maria worked as a kitchen assistant for a catering company renowned for their reinvention of tapas and later on applied these concepts to her family’s business a rural cottage/hotel catering for out of the box weddings and events. Now she works in marketing and communications but always enjoys a good cooking session.