Swing: Put on Your Dancing Shoes

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Swing is a category which covers both a dancing style and a music genre. Most people would recognise it as “big band” music of the 20s-40s, but the style of the era is having a revival at the moment. All around Melbourne there are an increasing number of live bands and dancing classes, with people from all ages and backgrounds getting into the “swing” of things (sorry, couldn’t help myself). It’s great fun, good energy, and wonderful just to watch and listen to!

What will we cover?

Swing refers to both the music and the dancing, so we’ll cover both. First a look at swing music: Where did it originate? How is it different to jazz? What makes a piece of music “swing”? How do you recognise it? Do any modern artists still use swing rhythms?

Then, we’ll get into the dancing side of things. What kinds of dances are “swing” dances? Where did they originate? How do they fit “swing” music? We’ll have you up and doing a bit of toe-tapping yourself, because there’s no better way to learn than doing it yourself.

Who will be teaching?

me_dancing_LLAs a child, singing along to her mother’s Ella Fitzgerald CDs, Stephanie didn’t realize that this music that she loved had its own category. You won’t find a “swing” section at JB-HiFi. Only when she started taking swing dancing classes in Melbourne in 2008 did she come to learn that this sub-genre of jazz music was its very own particular style. Stephanie has been swing dancing socially ever since, currently performs sporadically around Melbourne as part of a Swing Patrol dance troupe, and has also been a DJ at social swing dancing events around town.