The Truth About Stem Cells

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it about?

Stem cells are one of the biggest hot topics in science at the moment, but in spite of their frequent mention in mainstream media, few people actually know what they are, or what they are used for. You may have heard controversial concerns about the use of embryos in stem cell research, and far-flung claims that stem cells are on the verge of being used to grow replacement hearts, but nobody has ever actually told you what a stem cell is, have they? And unless you have a BSc in biology, I’ll bet Wikipedia won’t help you either. But while not as complicated as they may seem, stem cells certainly hold great potential for future medical breakthroughs.

What will we cover?

First and foremost, we will guide you through what is a stem cell (NO prior knowledge of biology required!). We will look at why they are controversial, and what amazing promises they hold for future medical practices. We’ll investigate what aspects of their use and misuse is overhyped in the media, and by the end you’ll be more knowledgeable than the journalists reporting the stories!

Who will be teaching?

steph faceStephanie is completing a PhD in stem cell biology at Melbourne University. She loves nothing more than correcting scientific misconceptions, and spreading scientific knowledge to people who mistakenly think it’s too far beyond them. You should see how much her Mum has learnt in the last few years!