Urban Armour: A Chainmaille Workshop

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Do you have a secret love for all things medieval? Like making things with your hands? Or perhaps you’ve made a few enemies and are in need of some body armour?!

Join us as we learn to made chainmaille! Whether you want some funky accessories or a bit of personal protection we have you covered.

What will we cover?

Learn how to make the simplest chainmaille weave, European 4-in-1, by finding out how the rings should fit together, the correct technique for holding the tools for maximum leverage, and some simple techniques for “speed knitting”.

We’ll have a look at some of the stunning chainmaille jewellery that is currently available on the market – jewellery for guys and girls that you will be able to make yourself once you have the skills to make the basic European 4-in-1.

We will also discuss the difference between modern chainmaille techniques and the original techniques used in the medieval era. What changes have modern metals made to the strength of armour made from chainmaille? And what short cuts do movies use when the costume design calls for chainmaille?

Everyone will get to make and take home a simple necklace or bracelet – your own small piece of urban armour.

Who will be teaching?

Laura SmithLaura Smith first learnt to knit chainmaille when she was hanging out with medieval re-enactment groups back at uni, where she made armour for use in medieval-ish battles. After a brief crack at joining forces with a friend to make and sell chainmaille bras (not her idea), she turned to making jewellery.

Laura’s designs are simple and wearable, but she dearly loves discovering the flamboyant designs that are created when modern jewellery artistans use this simple and beautiful craft. Laura has taught chainmaille making to a number of people, most recently through her craft club, Melbourne Alternative Crafters.