Vinyl Appliqué Jewellery

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Did you think vinyl was just for playing music in the old-fashioned style? Come and learn the many applications of vinyl and how to use it for the coolest craft projects. This class is a fun and easy introduction to vinyl/leather work techniques and you’ll also get to take home some great jewellery!

What will we cover?

Suitable for any skill level, the class doesn’t require prior knowledge or special equipment. With a selection of geometric shaped templates provided, you will custom design and make your own vinyl appliqué earrings, necklace or brooch.

Who will be teaching?

BERRI DRUMBerri is a fashion designer, and jack of all crafts, running her own accessories label, she then went on to design couture wearable art, exhibiting in several Melbourne Fashion Week events. Since then she’s been roaming around various parts of planet earth for the last couple of years. She is playful, experimental and unconventional in her approach.