Vision Cards – Pocket Sized Vision Boards with Conny ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Vision Cards are a different take on the more familiar vision board. They are a smaller, more handy format and use images and words to capture your intentions. Each card focuses on a specific life area, e.g. home, career, health, relationships. They can be on hand whenever you need a reminder, inspiration or guidance – they fit into your journal or can live on your desk. Your inner compass put on a card!

Learn how to create Vision Cards and use reflective writing prompts to explore your visual collage further. You can easily repeat the intuitive process to create cards for additional focus areas.

What we will cover?

You will be creating a Vision Card for an area you want to focus on right now. The class will guide you through an intuitive process of selecting images and words that speak to you. The process will help to navigate common pitfalls, such as creating a collage of things that turn out to be unobtainable. Instead, you will identify fresh, surprising and imaginative aspects you might want to invite into your life. Exploring your Vision Card with reflective writing prompts will help you decipher the meaning behind images and determine goals and actions.

You will leave this class with a few Vision Cards and worksheets which enable you to repeat the process at as many times a you like or need to at home or with friends. We will also provide some tips on how to get the most out of Vision Cards and how to keep things real. This is not about creating a bunch of beautiful images, rather something that captures what you value in different areas of your life.

What we you need?

  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Images: magazines, old books, printed off from online/photos, brochures/catalogues (no need to cut up prior to class, this will be part of our process. Just have materials ready. But if you do come across images that speak to you before the class, feel free to start collecting them for the class)
  • Cards: in face to face class we use white, plain index cards/ system cards 127x203mm (5”x 8”) – you can find them at e.g. officeworks, some newsagents
  • Alternatives for cards: cardstock cut to similar size, cut to size packaging like cereal box, sturdy paper (min 200gsm)

Conny WeyrichWho will be teaching?

Conny Weyrich is a qualified Art Therapist and collage enthusiast. After a 20 years career in Marketing and Management, Conny has put creativity at the heart of her work. She facilitates creative expression and art making to help people access their curiosity and creativity to support mental wellbeing and personal growth. Conny offers workshops and 1-on-1 sessions in her private practice Sensemaking Space where she assists people in navigating life’s challenges. She also offers creative coaching and creativity & wellbeing workshops and is passionate about combining Art Therapy with other therapeutic or coaching frameworks to create a bespoke approach that fits her clients’ needs.