Volunteering – A Rich Thing to Do

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Volunteering is a wonderfully ‘rich’ thing to do – amazing experiences, learning, sharing and connecting with people and the planet. Both locally and globally, the world loves volunteers but the big secret is you will love volunteering even more!

Want to learn a way to follow your passions and live your dreams? Volunteering usually holds the key: come and learn the craft of quality, effective and meaningful volunteering.

What will we cover?

  • What is effective volunteering for both the volunteer and the benefactor?
  • Are volunteer programs always for the best, or can volunteering have negative consequences?
  • Identifying your passions and dreams, and finding the volunteering which suits you and others best.
  • Local vs. global volunteering: what’s the difference, and what are the challenges (and joys) of overseas volunteering?

Who will be teaching?

d’Arcy is a teacher, traveller, volunteer and enjoys new places and new people! In the past 14 years he’s been fortunate to travel, teach and volunteer in over 60 countries learning and experiencing along the way.

His first significant volunteer experience was when he went to Kyrgyzstan to climb some mountains and decided to do some volunteering in a local university – the world changed for him from then on. Since Kyrgyzstan and 2001 d’Arcy has volunteered almost continuously for the past 14 years – both locally and globally. Formally he has volunteered with Australian Volunteers International, Volunteer Services Overseas, UNICEF, Global Poverty Project and many other programs, organisations and projects.

To get a few ideas of the things he does and has done have a look at his general blog – and Happy, simply – a sustainable lifestyle model and education project – as he will be building a 10m2 home in May and June in Adeliade with a group of volunteers!