What is Neurodiversity? with Autumn

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

There’s a new buzzword going around at workplaces, schools and in the media: “Neurodiversity”.  But what is it?  What does it all mean?  Is it just about being different, or something more? The term was first popularised in the late 1990s by Australian sociologist Judy Singer (and American journalist Harvey Blume)

Did you know that 1 in 10 people are neurodiverse?  If there is such a prevalence of this population, then how can we best support wellness and understanding of their experience? In this workshop we unpack the meaning of neurodiversity and explore how to accept and understand this unique population.

What will we cover?

We invite you to come learn more about neurodiversity as we, in this experiential introductory workshop, reflect on the barriers and strategies of being neurodiverse, and how you can be an ally for others – whether at work, school, or in the community.

The format of the session will involve working in small groups (there will be instruction and support) and listening to the speaker. We will also have a sensory-friendly location, with a “chill out” space available.

Autumn OConnorWho will be teaching?

Autumn lives, breathes and works in neurodiversity! This just sort of happened, but she loves it.  Autumn is the executive editor of the ‘Be Your Best’ educational program, and creative director for Untapped.  She is also the founder of Aspie Rebels, a psychosocial group for autistic adults in Melbourne.  AND she works with Neurodiversity Hub to promote autistic and neurodiverse wellness and talent, globally, you can find them on Facebook too.

Outside of her work, Autumn is passionate about teddy bears and she loves sour candy and coffee. She adores landscape gardening and using native plants to create a lovely atmosphere.