What the Future Holds! & End of Year Party

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Comedic hypotheses regarding the future of our planet, our species, and our legacy! A mishmash of real scientific forecasts, genuine religious prophesies, and wild prognostications from Fabian Lapham’s own fractured mind. This will include music, visual aids, and dramatic “pre-enactments”.

What will we cover?

This is to be a turducken of Laneway Learning; science that’s stuffed into mythology that’s stuffed into cultural satire (GF), and then eaten by your fat, gluttonous mind. The lesson will cover factual scientific predictions and differing end-of-times prophesies from varying mythologies, all the while orbiting around a fabricated hybrid that serves to be a commentary on our culture, and the culture of the future.

In the finest of sci-fi traditions, the concocted comedic predictions will reflect our times as much as they do the times of tomorrow. Also, some of it will just be a bit silly.

Who will be teaching?

FabianFabian Lapham is a comedian (which will inform how the subject matter is told), a nerd (which will inform how the subject matter is written), and a filmmaker (which is presently irrelevant). You can find some of his stuff online, and/or see him teach this class. You can check his work here or here or follow him on Twitter.