Writing for Flow with Charlotte

This class has passed
This class has passed

“Write to express, not impress.” Parker Palmer

Writing for Flow is a fun way to get out of your own way and write! 

It’s NOT about creating a finished or polished literary work—there’s no time for that. 

It IS about unleashing your writer to WRITE! 

It’s also about telling your inner censor, inner critic and inner editor to get back in their box. Finally, it’s about daring to share what you’ve written. 

What will we cover?

Using a series of writing prompts (from one word prompts to an inspiring quote or poem), we’ll write in short, sweet, furious bursts and then dare to share some of what we’ve written.

Three basic principles underpin the class:
* Play
* Courage
* Listening

Oh, and writing!

This is for both novices and experienced writers alike. For those who may feel blocked or want to find the joy in writing. Beginner’s mind is all that’s required!

What to bring

Bring your favourite pen and if you have one, a journal, otherwise paper and pens will be supplied.

    Who will be teaching?

    Charlotte Young (she/her) is an author, educator and coach (personal and business). 

    She is passionate about women’s health and supporting girls and women to be in tune with their bodies, minds and hearts.

    Charlotte has written three books (non-fiction and fiction) and various articles. She adores writing in community.

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      Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash