A Pause

Laneway Learning is taking a break!

Since Laneway Learning started up, we’ve clocked up some pretty amazing stats; 74 classes taught and just under 1,000 people through the door. It’s been fantastic, but since three quarters of the team is away for November we thought it would be a good time to have a rest.

Don’t worry too much though! Although our homepage and upcoming classes section may look a little bleak we’re still hard at work – from our various locations around the globe – filling up the class calendar for when we return. In fact, we already have Raw Food, Homebrewing, Christmas Carols and Card Making lined up for December. Then after Christmas, we’ve got many other exciting classes in the pipeline: from Lomography to Rubik’s Cubes to Kokedama.

If you’re not already on the mailing list now is a great time to sign up (put your email address in the box at the top right hand corner of this page!) so that you can keep up to date with what’s going on behind the scenes and, more importantly, so you don’t miss out when we upload our new classes.

Watch this space.

In the meantime, we’d just like to thank everyone who has been a part of Laneway Learning so far: all of you who have come along to learn; our wonderful teachers; and of course the folks at The Little Mule.

Have a happy November and we’ll see you all soon,

The Laneway Learning Gang

The featured image is borrowed and edited, with thanks, from Andrew Swinfield under a Creative Commons licence.