December and Festive Fun

The end of November caused a flurry of excitement at Laneway Learning as various members of the team came back from their travels (or at least settled down in their temporary locations) and started planning in earnest for our December classes.

Our first week back was a huge success with The Little Mule full to the brim of eager students. We started off with an Introduction to Raw Foods from Maz Valcorza Pugoy of Sadhana Kitchen. Armed with a blender and a table top covered with delicious ingredients Maz showed us how to make a whole host of delectable dishes with minimal time and effort. It was made even better knowing that everything was completely guilt free – even the chocolate mousse!

Following on Maz’s heels Adrian from BrewSmith was in the house to talk about beer, Homebrewing beer. Where does beer come from? How do you actually make the stuff? And what makes different types of beer taste… different? The answers to these questions and more were answered over the course of the class, punctuated with ample tastings and the chance to get involved with the brewing process.

Getting into the festive spirit we then had an evening of Christmas carols and cards.

To unleash our inner vocal angels the wonderful Jessica Nabb stepped up to run A Pop-up Christmas Choir. We started off with some physical and vocal warm-ups before diving right into the singing. By the end of the class we were confident enough to perform three different Christmas songs, complete with some body percussion and beatboxing. You can watch Little Drummer Body here.


And finally Yasemin Tanzirel teased out the creative side in us as we got busy with paper, glue and Christmas cheer to create our own Homemade Christmas Cards. Yas brought a lot of energy, enthusiasm and love to her class and had a brilliant eye for detail, knowing just what little tweak would give every card a big wow factor. Everyone left with a few Christmas cards that they were very proud of – so much so that they might struggle to give them away once the day comes!

And on that note it is time for us to wish everyone a great holiday. We’ll be back on 8 January with a new schedule of academic, hands-on and esoteric classes and throughout January we will be running on Tuesday nights at The Little Mule and on Wednesday nights at the People’s Market in Collingwood. We hope to see you then!

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Laneway Learning