A Flight Through February

We started off February with a night of squeaky fun as we made Balloon Animals with Lauren Siegmann. Amid a lot of laugher was the regular ‘pop’ of bursting balloons, but by the end of the class we had managed to create a menagerie of fish, cats, dogs, and even a possum and a T-rex!

Chris Ward took us travelling through the world of Maps! Starting by scaring us all with his accusations that the world is not in fact how we know it. Since he’s mentioned it though, the UK does look unnaturally large on my trusty wall map. We also discovered how sailors found their way, charted newly discovered coastlines and kept the time.

Siobhan Donoghue then came down to teach us about Interior Design. We had a jam-packed class all about colour, texture, shapes and even learning what ‘style’ we each fit into.

Following Siobhan, the multi-talented Maria Yebra was back at The Little Mule, this time armed with her camera and a whole lot of lights for Lightpainting. We photographed angels and devils, silhouettes against fire and wrote in the air with sparklers. Have you seen our new Twitter background? Yep, that’s lightpainting!


Zoë Velonis taught us The Infinite Possibilities of Modular Origami. Having pre-folded six hundred constituents of her wonderful structures we whiled away the evening with more folding, fiddling, and wishing that we had three extra hands to make some fascinating origami masterpieces.

In Life Coaching – Everyday Awesomeness, Kylie Harker started us off with an exercise to change visual aspects about ourselves and see if our neighbour would notice. Many of us then changed straight back but Kylie aimed to help us keep the positive changes with us.

In February we were also proud to be involved in Victoria’s Sustainable Living Festival, and hosted a few environmentally-friendly focussed classes.

The first of these was Green Up Your Urban Space with Lucas Guilbert. With cardboard houses, chicken coops and vertical gardens we learnt about permaculture and how to make the best, and greenest, use of our city homes.

Then, The Little Mule’s resident bike mechanic, Andy Walker, took us through some Money-Saving Bicycle Maintenance. We punctured and patched tubes, removed wheels, looked at brakes and put it all back together again to (hopefully) work smoother than before.

We also learnt how to brew our own beers in Homebrewing with Adrian from BrewSmith. We boiled and bottled, smelt and tasted, and can now avoid all that wasteful transport and single-use bottles in the mission to find a good brew. Oh, and we’ll also probably save a heap of cash too!

Lorelei Schmitt joined us for Sustainable Urban Living. We found out why sprouting rules, where to harvest some awesome fruits and a got the recipe for a super sexy granola recipe. Mmm-mm.

Another delicious class was Raw Food with Maz Pugoy. Her killer recipes are all 100% organic, vegan, environmentally sound and healthy too. And did I mention unbelievably delicious? If you’re ever up in Sydney you might want to check out her restaurant, Sadhana Kitchen.

So, there’s your whirlwind tour of February! Come back soon for more updates, and some exciting news…