A Bit About June

We started winter with Claire Sessions and Grammar They Didn’t Teach You in School. Whether the struggle was with colons and semi colons, prepositions or split infinitives Claire had the answer. And then our own Mark Gregory taught us about the Chemistry of Life. We can now remember the difference between plant and animal cells and have a much better understanding of what holds us all together – hydrogen bonding! Whether it’s in the water molecules that make up the majority of our bodies or the DNA that makes us who we are, hydrogen bonding is essential for life and gives us some great knowledge for impressing our mates!

CrochetKeeping the LL Team representing, our lovely Kim Hay moved from the back row to front of the class to teach us how to Crochet. We learnt everything from how to hold the yarn and hook through to how to double stitch! We started off chaining and single stitching (which gets some getting used to) but before long everyone was getting the hang of it thanks to Kim’s useful prefilmed videos!

We welcomed back Kate Mackie for a class on SuperSalads including some great tips on how to spice up your lunch and a whole lots of tastings. We learnt about all the awesome superfoods that are delicious in salads, cooked up quinoa and black rice, beetroot and pumpkin, and even treated ourselves to some sweet nut and fruit balls to finish. And then to continue pampering our palate Clare Burder of The Humble Tumbler was back yet again for another roaringly successful round of her Wine: A One Night Palate Trainer. We swirled and sipped, swilled and spat (but only the tannin) and left feeling a little more confident about our next trip to the bottle shop.

Rainbows!Adele Locke taught us heaps about Designing Your Home With Light. From top tips to make your home (or office) look better to fascinating facts: did you know that at the age of 60 we need three times more light to see something compared to at the age of 20?! Whilst sex educator Kate McCombs was in The Little Mule for some grown up sex ed in Pleasure Physiology. Rather than the dry and often embarrassing talk that most of us were subjected to as teenagers Kate focusses on the feel good aspects of sex and how we can improve our sex lives, regardless of relationship status, or any other factor. She even had her faithful vulva puppet to help!

We also spent an evening with Melissa Main aka The Musician’s Accomplice who gently coaxed out the inner rock goddesses and gods in us all in her School of Rock. We started off with a couple of jams based on rhythms and sounds before cracking out the guitars, the basses and even the conga! And finally we had an evening of TerrariumARAMA! with Candy Sparkles. We had heaps of fun listening to some crazy stories whilst we packed down pebbles and moss, sand and soil and then got creative with our succulents, colourful pebbles and plastic figures. Our favourite had an army figurine shooting a T-rex!