We’re Back with our New Website!

Happy new year everyone! 2013 has slipped away, 2014 has stepped in and we hope that you’ve enjoyed a great holiday period.

Here at LL, we’re celebrating the new year by revealing our new website. We’ve tried to keep most things pretty similar but this new machine should be slicker and smarter than it was before.  Along with all the familiar things like the big slider and the mosaic of upcoming classes we’re happy to present our updated and improved blog.

The New Blog

We decided that learning new things shouldn’t just be limited to our classes. So we rejigged our blog to include more opportunities to find out interesting things in the worlds of science, art, politics, movies, craft… you name it!

For now, check out our first “Did You Know?” blog post about some events in 2014 that you might not know about.

A Bit of Catching Up

Updating the website has taken a lot of time, and there are a few things that are still works in progress, so keep checking back and bear with us while we get everything done. With the change we’re also having to redo all our past classes, so you might not be able to browse through them for a few weeks.


We hope you like it!

The Laneway Learning Gang.