The Scale of the Universe

The wonderful ‘Scale of the Universe‘ interactive visual first came to us back in 2012 and is a jaw-dropping look at everything around us – from the tiniest thing we know about all the way out to the extent of the visible universe. It’s utterly fascinating and has a few videos and lots of extra information to explain some of the concepts.

How small is a Planck length, or quantum foam (fractions of yactometres and the very foundation of the fabric of the universe, apparently!)? How big is a virus? How does Mount Everest compare to Halley’s Comet, or Italy to Pluto? – Believe it or not those two pairs are about the same size! How big is the universe?

The interactive was recently republished by Lucky Tran along with a few other explanations and elaborations.

In a similar vein the BBC published a scrollable view of our solar system. It’s a bit different, but just as cool.

The featured image was borrowed and edited, with thanks, from Lsmpascal under a Creative Commons license. Check out their website for loads more images showing the relative sizes of things in our solar system.